“Through optimal health, fitness, and wellness, you can achieve a low-stress lifestyle – one that embraces balance of both the body and the mind. Regardless of your experience level, I can help you find the motivation, passion, and perspective needed to achieve this.”

– Kim Alzerreca

 What I do

  • Teaching one of my specialty classes like Jill Brown’s SuperBodyCircuit Workout, Spinning, Cross Training Revolution, Pilates, Core Training, and Abs/Butt/Back
  • Private Training
  • Working on an infomercial or media project
  • Consulting with health & fitness companies
  • Influencing

About Me

Kim was born and raised in Manhattan, New York City, N.Y. At a very young age she had a passion for movement & began to study Dance with The New York City Ballet School, The Julliard School of Music, The Alvin Alley Dance Company, Luigi Jazz Center and The Broadway Dance Center.  She also studied music at the Julliard, acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Neightborhood Playhouse and Art at the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

She furthered her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she received a B.A. in Business, Marketing and Communications and N.Y.U where she received a B.S. in Exercise Science.


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A commitment to optimal health, fitness and wellness for the body, mind, and spirit will lead one to personal success in all areas of life.

It’s a package deal that begins with providing fuel for a strong, healthy mind and body. A balanced lifestyle can be achieved by eating right, exercising via strength, cardio and flexibility training, relaxing and working with the mind, and by taking time for yourself to renew your spirit.  Learning to see yourself positively, and choosing happy and positive people to have in your life, are also essential components to ones daily routine.

It’s not complicated.  It’s not even hard.   It just takes a commitment to yourself to have the best lifestyle that you can achieve.

Choose to get fit today!

Contact me today for information on how to Begin you new journey.

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“Kim has helped me to get in my best shape ever. I used to hate exercising, now I love it.
I can’t recommend Kim enough. She’s the best! I highly recommend her!”
“Kim has been a god send to me. Coming out of a spine surgery she nursed back to health and beyond. I am today more flexible than I was 40 years ago. She’s consistently positive and encouraging and I’m happy to call her a friend”
Alan Galinsky