Take control of your life & well-being!  Change your lifestyle to be a healthier one!   Be more mindful of everything you do in your life!  Now is the time for you to take action!     Here are just some of the few lifestyle changes that you can start doing right now:


Empower Yourself!   Exercise is one of the most beneficial ways to reduce stress & tension & it makes Your Body, Mind & Spirit Healthy & Feel Good Too!   Strength/Resistance Training should be done 3x a wk., Endurance/Cardiovascular Training should be done 4-5x a wk.  Flexibility Training after every workout & even on a daily basis.  Drink water before, during & after exercising.   Research has proven that exercise is a tremendous aid to your health, fitness & well-being.   Get Your Body Moving, Stronger, Healthier, Feeling & Looking Better.  Start Today!!!  Remember your body is Your Temple!


Start off Each Day with Saying Positive Affirmations!  Turn off all of the negative chatter going on in your mind.  Look at what you have to be Grateful for in Your Life.  How can You Help Someone/Something?  How can You make a Difference in Your Community or in the world?


When going out to holiday parties make sure you have had a small healthy meal an hour or two before.  This will help you to control yourself & eat mindfully at the holiday party.  Put food on salad plates, eat slowly, put your fork or spoon down in between bites & drink water in between bites, have a salad to start.  If you do want to try something that you know is not that healthy, pick 1-3 of these. Put a very small piece on a small plate of each, no bigger than 2 tbls.  & then control yourself not to eat any more.  If you are still hungry, munch on veggies without all of the dips, instead add lemon with spices & a small bit of olive oil.



Eat Healthy, Nutritious Foods!  Breakfast is a must & should be the biggest meal of the day, then a nutritious snack, a healthy lunch, another nutritious snack & very light & lean dinner (finishing before 8pm). You should be eating small meals every 2-3 hours.  Drinking 8 8oz glasses of water a day.   Remember, Portion Control is Key.


Throw out all the bad foods you have in your home! Restock your kitchen with healthy, nutritious foods.  Be mindful of everything you eat, how you eat, when you eat & why you are eating.  Keep a food log.


Be A Champion!  Meditation, Visualization & Breathing Techniques will all help to balance your body, mind & spirit!   You can learn how to relax during times of stress by simply incorporating any of these techniques at any time.  Take a walk in the park or by the beach, spend time in nature, listen to beautiful music, take a warm bath with candles. These are just a few ways to relax, rejuvenate, center, calm & balance yourself.


If you know of someone that is going to be alone for the holidays, invite them to join you.  Share with them.  Make a difference in their lives.


This month make sure that you get in touch with any family members or friends that you haven’t spoken to for a while. Connect, reunite & share with others.


Learn to listen to others!  Improve your relationships.  Share ideas.  Do something nice for someone every day.  Always make sure that each person that comes into your life for that day, leaves you feeling better.  Remember to say Thank You, it really makes a difference in that person’s life.


Turn off All Techno Toys for 1 day!  No T.V., cell phones (only for a true emergency), computers, I-pads, etc.  Spend time with yourself, family, friends, pets, nature, read, play games, write, meditate. These are just a few healthy ways for you to spend your time.


For Your New Year’s Resolutions how about starting with the following:   Start thinking now of how you are going to make changes in your life, so that you will be as healthy as you can be.  Plus, how you can make a difference each day in this world that we live on.




To Optimal, Health, Fitness & Wellness Always, Kim



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