Why Is Core Training So Important?

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Core training is the foundation of a fitness training program.   One has to develop the core through a coordination, strength and balance program.   Once the core is established, everything on the periphery, such as leg strength, upper-body strength, and everything that transverses through the core, can be more fully utilized. 


What do we mean by the core?  The core consists of all of the muscles in your abdominal and spinal regions.  It includes all of the abdominal muscles (rectus abdominals, internal and external oblique’s, transverse abdominals, quadratus, lumbar, and intercostals), as well as the muscles associated with the spine (the erector spinae group) and other muscles that control pelvic positioning, such as the hip flexors (rectus femoris and iliopsoas) and extensors (glutes and hamstrings).  These muscles all work in harmony to provide stabilization for your body and to transfer power from the legs to the upper body and vice versa.  The core muscles also function to keep your insides where they belong!


The core muscles are the torso muscles that support your spine, maintain your balance, promote healthy posture, and enable you to move your arms and legs with ease and power. 


Core strength enhances a person’s overall fitness level.  A strong core enable the body to move more efficiently and gracefully.  It can add power in athletic moves and other movements.  A strong core reduces the risk of injury and muscle pain. 


Strengthening your core is a way of thinking about your posture, your breathing, and your torso muscles, and it’s also a new way to exercise.   Think about your posture, breathing, concentration, and endurance.   Rather than training individual muscle groups, core exercises emphasize a tall spine, stretching, agility, balance, and strength from the neck to the lower back, including the abdominals and hip muscles. 


When the core muscles are weak, other muscles compensate by doing work they are not intended to do, which can cause poor posture,  chronic back problems, and injuries., such as a twisted knee.  Lower-back pain is an epidemic in the United States.  By strengthening the muscles that help support the spine and improving posture, the symptoms of lower back pain can often  be dramatically reduced.  Many researches believe that strengthening the core can assist in rehabilitation, as well as preventing back problems

If you were to ask which muscle group you could work to get the greatest benefits in the shortest amount of time, the answer is absolutely the core.  Strengthening the core can generate tremendous benefits. 


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