A Toast to Your Health: Relaxation


Although exercise is vital to good health, you must also allow time for relaxation & rest.  In addition to bodily rest, our minds also need rest.  We sit a lot of the time & our bodies become tense.  It is often helpful to relax not only  the body, but the mind during the day.


One of the first places you feel tension in your body is around the neck area.  Try rolling your neck forward until your chin touches your neck.  Now raise your head & lift your chin up to the ceiling.  Repeat this relaxation exercise until the tension is gone from your neck.


Something as simple as shoulder shrugs also helps get rid of tension.  Raise your shoulders up as high as you can, hold a few seconds & then lower shoulders down.   Repeat this relaxation exercise as often as you need.


Some people refresh themselves by taking a 5-10 min. nap during the day.  Breathing techniques are a great way to reduce tension & develop relaxation.  Simple sit quietly & breathe in slowly & out.  Notice when you breathe in the air is cool & when you breathe out the air is warm.  Do this relaxation exercise as often as needed.


Sleep is a wonderful gift from God.  Not everyone understands how powerful sleep is & how beneficial.  Sleep is a quite state in which your body, mind & spirit is at rest & rejuvenating.  Your vital organs slow down as your mind & body relax.


What happens if you do not get enough sleep?  It can affect your memory & the ability to perform simple tasks.  Your body goes under a lot of stress from lack of sleep.  Getting sufficient amount of sleep each night will help you to feel great & perform at max quality.


How can you tell if you are getting enough sleep?  The first clue is needing an alarm clock to wake up at your normal rising time.  Another clue, is nodding off during the day or after a heavy meal.  Another clue is falling asleep within 5 min. after your head hits your pillow.



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